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About us


AquaBolas® was founded by entrepreneur Henrik Schytte in 2021 in the city of Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. The idea came during a trip to Europe, where he saw children and adults running through the water in large water balls.
The idea was great, and the quality of the balls was so good that it was possible to import and approve them in the Dominican Republic.
So Henrik decided to design and produce AquaBolas® himself in Europe, which could be approved in Europe and the United States under the name AquaBolas®.




Our values have always been based on developing and producing high quality products for the enjoyment and benefit of children and adults of all ages.
We believe that children and adults need AquaBolas® products more than ever.

Today's daily life is increasingly centered around the use of computers, iphones, televisions, etc. Children and adults need to unwind and be physically active in a fun and entertaining way.
AquaBolas® works with schools, sports clubs, swimming pools and leisure organizations around the world to ensure that we can always deliver the products our customers demand.


AquaBolas® vision has always been to create fun, creative and innovative products for the enjoyment and benefit of children and adults, all over the world.
We believe that life should be fun, whether you are a child or an adult.
Our slogan AquaBolas® - Make You Smile... simply says what we want to stand for.

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